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We help companies deploy Microsoft Teams Calling in real-time

Who We Are

HelloTeams is a Microsoft Teams Calling Automation Platform. We empower businesses around the world to connect and deploy Teams Calling in 15 minutes with our smart automation technology, valuable support, and competitive call rates. Founded in 2021 and headquartered in Australia with additional offices to open around the world.

Advanced Teams Calling automation in your hands

At HelloTeams we’re giving the control back to businesses just like you. We transformed the way businesses connect their teams and are rewriting the rules for Teams Calling deployment and control. The platform we built exists to help our customers deploy Microsoft Teams Calling in a way that is refreshingly frictionless. We’re solving a real business problem and creating tangible impact on our customers’ bottom line.


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Per Month / Billed Monthly

17c/min for calls to mobiles

5c/min for national calls

6.5c/min for Inbound 13 & 1300 calls

8c/min for Inbound 1800 calls​

Numbers are $1/month

Sip Trunks and channels included

1300/13 calls outbound 25c untimed

All prices are excluding GST. All plans are subject to our Fair Use Policy