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Our referral program means getting worthwhile discounts when you tell people about HelloTeams.

HelloTeams is Australia’s best Teams Calling platform.

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To make it worth your time, our Refer a Friend program will give you discounts off your next bill when you sign up with us.


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Tell a colleague, client, or business acquaintance about HelloTeams.

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We’ll automatically apply a discount to your next HelloTeams bill.  The discount percentage depends on the number of seats your referral signs up for.

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Discount Tiers

The discount you’ll receive from referrals depends on how many seats your referral signs up for. The more seats you sign up, the more you get off your next bill.

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Getting Your Discount

Once you’ve signed a friend up for HelloTeams, your discount will be applied to the monthly bill that follows your friend’s first bill payment. 

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