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South Grampians Shire Council

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The South Grampians Shire Council (SGSC) is a local government serving the South Grampians shire in regional Victoria.

HelloTeams Helped SGSC Free Up Resources and Improve Efficiency

What We Did


Improve communication efficiency

Free up IT resources

Improve team flexibility


Streamlined TCAP portal for managing numbers

Simplified system to reduce IT workload

Direct-routed Teams Calling for calls anywhere, any time


Numbers can be provisioned in a couple of clicks

Four on-premise servers now obsolete thanks to TCAP

Easier team member onboarding

Staff can be reached at all times, even when out in the field

We are not chained to our desk anymore. Especially during the lockdown, finding it convenient to be able to call from whatever device we’re on at the time.

Beau Nieuwveld


As a large organisation with a high number of inbound calls and employees constantly on the move, SGSC needed a fast, agile communications system.

Instead, what they had was a complicated telephony system that was easy for inbound callers to navigate – but a high-resource nightmare for their IT department.

When COVID-19 hit and employees started working from home, the old system quickly became untenable.  Basic tasks like setting up mobile diversions and ring groups, or provisioning extensions for new staff, was incredibly difficult.

SGSC’s small IT department couldn’t keep up.

They had to turn to external vendors for help.

The problem, though, was that the vendors quickly became even more expensive and time-consuming than the phone system.  Most of the contractors SGSC used didn’t understand their telephony system – and the ones that did have very limited knowledge.

Something needed to be done.

That’s where HelloTeams came in.


As a direct-routed Teams Calling solution, HelloTeams already had advantages over the old phone system.

It was flexible – staff could be reached anywhere, any time, on any device.

And it was cloud-based – there were no giant installation costs or oversized hardware involved.

But HelloTeams differentiated itself from other Teams Calling providers by helping SGSC with two key problems:

  • Simplification. The HelloTeams TCAP portal meant that the entire telephony system could get up and running in just 15 minutes, and the streamlined dashboard meant SGSC’s IT teams could find what they needed instantly.
  • Ease of use. TCAP’s number provisioning system is designed to provision new numbers in just a few clicks, eliminating the painful and time-consuming process of manually setting things up.

After talking through the problems with Jack, one of HelloTeams’ BDMs, SGSC’s head of IT, decided to give HelloTeams a try.

One of HelloTeams’ expert technicians called through to liaise with SGSC’s IT team; 15 minutes later, Microsoft Teams was installed, the TCAP portal was live, and SGSC was able to start taking calls via Teams.

“We don’t have to be ‘techsperts’ to understand one system, when we have a lot of other systems to understand. This has simplified our telephony and reduced our workload dramatically.”

Beau Nieuwveld


Since replacing their old system with HelloTeams, SGSC has experienced improvements across the board.

Their IT team’s workload has been significantly reduced, freeing up more time for critical tasks like cybersecurity.

The onboarding process for new team members has been simplified.

“We had a new team member start recently and we managed to set this new member up in two seconds flat.”

Beau Nieuwveld

The four on-site servers used to power the old system have been removed, freeing up office space and eliminating hardware maintenance costs.

Employees can contact each other more easily, even when they’re out in the community.

And communication is faster, simpler, and more effective, improving team morale.

With the HelloTeams API now integrated into the SGSC system, the council can focus on what it does best: serving its shire and improving the lives of residents.

HelloTeams means functionality without the cost.