The Teams Automation Portal Tour

TCAP is a simple and efficient automation platform built to make provisioning Microsoft Teams Calling easy in just 15 minutes.

Take our tour and follow the guides on how to set up your Microsoft 365 E5 Tenancy and use that to register with our portal and start using Teams Calling.


How to Set Up Your Microsoft 365 E5 Trial & Create Users.

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  1. Open a browser window. Go to 

  2. Click ‘Get Started’; a new window will open.

  3. Install any Office 365 apps you want, then click ‘Continue’.

  4. Click the ‘Free Trial’ link at the right-hand side of the screen; a new window will open.

  5. In the new window, fill out your email. If you already have an Office 365 subscription linked to that email, you will have to enter a different email. If you already have an account, skip to ‘Add User’ section.

  6. Click ‘Set Up Account’ and fill in your details.

  7. Verify your phone number with a text or a call. Enter a domain name for your business.

  8. Create a username and a password for your login details. Click ‘Sign Up’.

  9. Click ‘Get Started’; a new window will open. Install any Office 365 apps you want, then click ‘Continue’.

  10. Select the default domain option and click ‘Use This Domain’.

  11. Click ‘Do This Later’, then ‘Continue’, then ‘Continue’, then ‘Continue’. Click ‘Go To Admin Centre’.

  12. In the left-hand menu, click the dropdown option for ‘Users’, then click ‘Active Users’.

  13. To add a new user, click ‘Add A User’.

  14. Fill out the new user’s details and select the first two checkboxes.

  15. Click ‘Next’ and assign the 365 licences.

  16. Click ‘Next’, then click ‘Next’ again. Click ‘Finish Adding’, then ‘Close’.

You’ve finished setting up your Office 365 E5 trial!


How To register For Your Free Trial & Set Up Teams Calling.

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  1. Open a browser window. Go to

  2. Click the ‘Start Your Free Trial’ button at the right-hand side of the screen; a new tab will open with a login page.

  3. If you haven’t already created a HelloTeams account, click ‘Register’.

  4. Fill out your details.

  5. Click ‘Register’, tick the reCAPTCHA, and go back to the login page.

  6. In a new tab, open up the email account you used to register your HelloTeams free trial, find the email from teamsportal@pingco, and click the link in the email to validate your account; a new tab will open.

  7. In the new tab, log in with the password you just created. You will then see the Teams Calling Automation Platform’s Provisioning Status Dashboard.

  8. To link the Teams Calling Automation Platform to your E5 tenancy, you will need to click ‘Provide Access’ at the top of the page.

  9. Click ‘App Authorisation’.

  10. A new tab will open and this prompt you to log in to your Microsoft 365 Account.

  11. Once logged in, you will be taken to a permissions request page. Click ‘Accept’ to give permission.

  12. The connection process has been completed.

  13. Go back to the browser tab with the Provisioning Status Dashboard.

  14. The ‘Approval Status’ and ‘Initial Pairing’ circles should be green. The remaining circles will turn green over the next few minutes.

  15. If your ‘Approval Status’ circle is yellow, our staff members haven’t approved your account. If you’ve attempted to create your account outside business hours, your account won’t be approved until the following business day.

  16. To allocate phone numbers to your team, click the ‘Telephony’ dropdown on the left-hand menu, then click ‘Numbers’.

  17. To allocate existing phone numbers to your team, click ‘Bring Existing Numbers’ on the top menu, then fill out the required details, and click ‘Submit’.

  18. To allocate new phone numbers to your team, click ‘Request New Block’, select your desired block size.

  19. Go to Users in the Account’s dropdown menu, click edit on whom you would like to allocate a number to.

  20. Allocate the number, you may also allocate a voice policy and dial plan.

  21. Once finished, click ‘Save Changes’.

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