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HelloTeams is the most effective way to deploy Microsoft Teams Calling faster.

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We understand the importance of getting your phone system up and running fast, that’s why we created a Microsoft Teams Calling automation platform. The average Microsoft Teams Calling deployment with Helloteams is under 15 minutes.


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Our direct routing solution provides customers with the option to integrate other phone systems with Microsoft 365 to enable external calling within the Teams app. These hybrid platforms ensure smooth migration to Unified Communications and enable you to maximise the value of your existing system.

Microsoft Teams Calling

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Microsoft Team Calling, also known as Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, is the ability to make and receive calls externally from Microsoft Teams. With Microsoft Teams Direct Calling your employees can make and receive calls directly from the same platform that they’re already using for the majority of their daily tasks – the familiar Microsoft 365 and Teams platform.

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Per Month / Billed Monthly

17c/min for calls to mobiles

5c/min for national calls

6.5c/min for Inbound 13 & 1300 calls

8c/min for Inbound 1800 calls​

Numbers are $1/month

Sip Trunks and channels included

1300/13 calls outbound 25c untimed

All prices are excluding GST. All plans are subject to our Fair Use Policy